Live without pain.

Far Infrared with the Biomat

The Biomat Collection provides a healing and relaxation experience that no other technology can provide. With its use of amethyst crystals, the body will not just simply begin to relax, but actually begin to repair tissue, increase blood circulation, boost immunity and relieve stress  as you experience this rejuvenating deep tissue treatment. Call today and discover how the Biomat Collection can help you feel more refreshed and balanced. 


Far Infrared rays:

From the use of far infrared rays, the Biomat warms the body from the inside out and stimulates our system. Because of this relaxing warming method our body temperature slightly increases and begins to strengthen its immune system and eliminate toxins and waste.

The biomat purifies the body and helps increase resistance to disease, along with providing an overall massaging effect, which sooths sensitive nerves and knotted muscles by penetrating deep into the body and relaxing those tired muscles. Far infrared rays penetrate 6 inches into the body. Therefore, these rays not only benefit the muscles on the surface of the body, but all cells including blood vessels, lymph glands, and nerves in the deepest parts of our body.  

Far infrared energy is most effective when special compounds such as alumina and silica convert normal energy into infrared rays. This was discovered by NASA and the idea has been used to create maximum total body wellness from the Biomat products. Not only does the Biomat use those special compounds to produce infrared rays, but amethyst crystals are used as well. Amethyst crystals are known to not only detoxify the body, but produce and transfer far infrared rays as well. With the combined use of special compounds, amethyst crystals, and comforting materials, the Biomat can produce maximum comfort and health benefits using far infrared rays.

Negative Ion Therapy:

Negative Ions can provide a vast amount of benefits to the body. Some of these benefits may include: stress relief, blood purification, cell revival, improving the immune system, controlling the autonomic nervous system, revitalization of cell metabolism and pain relief.

When 600 to 1000 volts of negative potential energy is applied to an insulated body, more calcium and sodium minerals are ionized in the circulating blood, thus changing an acidic body to an alkaline body. The Biomat products use this idea to safely provide negative ion energy throughout the body by using what is sometimes called a static electric treatment device which provides negative ion therapy without the flow of a current. 

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