Breathe the breath of life.

Mindfulness Training

The practice of mindfulness can benefit those who may want to handle life better under pressure.  The easy-to-learn techniques purposefully bring awareness to one's experience and may be helpful for both children and adults.  

Mindfulness can help:

  • Improve focus and concentration.
  • Achieve a sense of calm.
  • Enhance health and sleep.
  • Increase empathy and understanding.
  • Develop natural conflict resolution skills by improving impulse control and self-awareness.
  • Expand knowledge and training of the prefrontal cortex portion of the brain to create a calm yet alert state of mind.

Over 30 years of research shows that mindfulness helps with stress by changing our relationship to it.

Photo courtesy of adamr at

Photo courtesy of adamr at

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Interested in learning more about mindfulness?  View the short video below to learn how mindfulness techniques are implemented with children in our workshops for kids.